IDSA CSU Long Beach Student Chapter
So we've been hiding out a bit these past weeks, but it's for a good reason! We made enough money selling books on believe it or not, and so we went and got some materials to design and screen print our own accessories!

We bought a screen printing kit at Art Supply Warehouse, then stopped by at JoAnn's fabrics, but decided that was way too expensive (1 zipper $2.00?!) so we went to LA's fabric market! I actually loved that place, it reminded me of China!
There, we found zippers for 10c each, snap fit buttons, elastic string, canvas fabric...

Back home, we met again with our friend at Human Being Inspired who gave us another design for our re-thought set of accessories.
I (Alix) am in charge of sewing, so I prepped the sewing by cutting out all the patterns, ready for printing!
It took Tim a few days to prep the screen printing, but guess what, he's at it right now!
He's going to finish all of one accessory tonight, we'll let it dry, and while I sew that together, he's going to start the design on another accessory...

I'll get some photos of that process in just a little the meantime, here is what we're screen printing, from Human Being Inspired.
Also, as a reminder, why are we selling these?

We are selling these because
1. it's something we made out of our own ability, and with the kindness of our heart, for our dear csulb comrades. It's creative, involves friends, students, alumni and working in groups.
2. It's a challenge, we've never done it before.
3. We are raising money to put into general fund to promote participation to events such as the Western District Conference, the Inventors Forum, the CES show, 5D conference. When such events have a fee to attend, we want to contribute the money towards that event to help students get out there and network.
Why is that important? Well, exposure is super important. If you want to succeed, in anything, you need to get out and meet your competition, your peers, the ones hiring you, the future generation, etc.
It will help you gain awareness of what you need to do to prep your portfolio and succeed in life.

We want to help YOU, specifically CSULB students, to attend conferences and events that can help you in your professional life.

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