IDSA CSU Long Beach Student Chapter


Q: When can students join as an Individual Student Member?
A: students may join as an individual student member at any time as long as they are
enrolled as a student studying Industrial Design. At CSULB, the IDSA Student Chapter will send the applications as a group. Please return your application to one of the officers.

Q: How many Individual Student Members must a school have to be able to form
a chapter?
A: 5 Individual Student Members.

Q: What if you are a Senior? Can you still join at the student rate?
A: Yes, Seniors are applicable for the Individual Student Membership until the day of

Q: How much does Individual Student Membership cost?
A: $50 for one year of membership with IDSA.

Q: What are the benefits of this membership?
A: Subscription to INNOVATION, discounts on conferences and local chapter events,
access to the Member Directory, eligibility for the Student Merit Awards, scholarship
opportunities, IDEA competition, etc. Additionally Senior year student members will be
able to post a small bio of themselves in the “Class of….” page on the website, giving
them the opportunity to showcase their work to prospective employers.

Q: Why are you changing the way Student Chapters are structured?
A: We are trying to connect students to the benefits of IDSA membership. Right now,
there’s no actual link between them and IDSA since they are not members of the

Q: Will the chapter as a whole still be charged $50?
A: No, there will no longer be a group fee of $50 per chapter.