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IDSA Western Conference - May 6-7, 2011 San Jose, CA

This year's theme: Social Impact

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Last Year's Conference in Denver, Colorado:

Dwell on Design
The West coast's Largest Design Event June 24-26 2011

BEN KAUFMAN founder of Quirky – Duncan Anderson Lecture Feb 1st

Quirky: Making Invention Accessible
In The Duncan Anderson Design Department Gallery
Join us next Tuesday night to hear Ben Kaufman talk about himself, his company, product development, industrial design and open source collaboration.
In addition, Ben will offer students the opportunity to participate in a special project. His company, Quirky, has partnered with a national retailer to have them work together on a “Back to College” project that will hit the store shelves by June 2011.
Quirky, a social product development company founded in June 2009, makes invention accessible by partnering with creative people around the world to bring new products to life. Each week, Quirky engages its online community to collaborate in all aspects of product design and development – from ideation all the way to packaging. Quirky brings two brand new consumer products to market every week and shares the revenue with all of the individuals who were influential in bringing these products to life. Quirky is rapidly changing the way the world thinks about product development.
Ben is the 24-year-old founder and CEO of Quirky. His entrepreneurial journey started during his senior year of high school with a second mortgage on his parent’s house and the founding of an iPod accessory company called mophie. Shortly after mophie won “’d2Best in Show”’d3 at MacWorld 2006, Ben discovered his passion for involving people around the world in the development of new consumer products. The rapid growth of the mophie brand led to its acquisition in August of 2007, which allowed Ben to focus his efforts on bringing his idea of ‘social product development’ to the next level.
After two years of research and development on the unique technology platform that became the foundation of his future work, Ben publicly launched Quirky in June of 2009. A passionate and opinionated speaker, Ben talks Quirky, products, and design to audiences around the world. His work has landed him in hundreds of newspapers (New York Times, USA Today, New York Observer), magazines (Business Week, Entrepreneur, WIRED), and TV networks (CNBC, FOX Business News, The Today Show).
In 2007, Inc Magazine named Ben the top entrepreneur in the country under the age of 30. He was 20 at the time. Other than participating in the development of awesome new products, Ben’s favorite things include his niece Lily, Jay-Z, cool kicks, and black t-shirts.

Dr. Cornel West: Democracy in the Millenium Feb 3rd.

This event is being forwarded to all student organizations.  If you have any questions, please contact the Program Council at 562 985-5342. 

6th Annual Regional Human Factors Conference Feb. 26

The President of the California State University, Long Beach Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Student Chapter invites us to 
the 6th Annual Regional Human Factors Conference at CSULB
When: on Saturday, February 26 2011, from 9:00am-3:00pm.
Where: *University Student Union Beach Auditorium* at the bottom level of the USU
*Registration is free and includes a free lunch.
*Anyone who is interested in attending is encouraged to do so.

They will have three keynote speakers. Dr. Paul Krois, Program Director, FAA Human Factors Research & Engineering Group will be speaking about the application of human factors to aviation. Dr. Robert Rauschenberger, Senior Human Factors Scientist, Exponent Engineering and Scientific Consulting will be giving a presentation entitled "Taking a ‘Q’ from human factors: Visual search in HMI design." Ryan Clukey, M.S., Senior Usability Specialist, Nokia will be presenting "Applied Mobile Usability for a Global Marketplace."
They will also have poster presentations from various engineering and human factors labs on campus and from the surrounding communities, as well as a break-out session where attendees can speak more directly with presenters.
This conference is sponsored in part by Associated Students, Inc. (CSULB) and The Center for Human Factors in Advanced Aeronautic Technologies, a NASA University Research Center.

In order to attend, please register for free at our website Online registration will close *Wednesday, February
23rd*, but registration will still be available the day of the conference. Registration for the poster session will close *Friday, February 18*.


Ravi Sawhney and Kurt Botsai

Part 1 of 2, Tuesday October 5, 2010 7-9:45 pm
Ravi Sawhney, founder of RKS, and Kurt Botsai introduce the new book Predictable Magic, a design strategy with insights on connecting emotional relevance to design success and economic prosperity.

LA Design Week October 9-17, 2010
Design Week / LA is an annual celebration of design that inspires and brings together Los Angeles' abundant and vital design communities by promoting a wider awareness of design through initiatives and programming that highlight the richness and diversity of design activities happening throughout the communities of Los Angeles.

RSVP for Design Mixer at Design Continuum

What: Design Mixer Co-hosted by Design Continuum, the IDSA and the LinkedIn Design Community
When: 6pm to 9pm October 14th 2010
Where: 901 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice CA

October 4th: Stumbling Towards Sustainability

Event begins at 7:00 PM. Get there early to get your student seats!

Emily Pilloton Webinar

Please join the IDSA Design for the Majority Section in a discussion with Emily Pilloton of Project H, on September 16th at 4pm (Eastern Time) / 1pm (Pacific Time). Leslie Speer, Chair of the Design for the Majority Section, will be moderating this online event:
"Design For, As, and Is Education: Growing Creative Capital for Social Impact"

Emily Pilloton, founder of Project H Design, has long believed that design can change the world. But the path by which design inspires impact is messy, magical, and in most cases, uncharted. As we all struggle to find the best ways to orient our creative careers around positive impact in the world, Emily will make the case for local design initiatives, design and building in public education, relearning the way we design, and design outside of the "design bubble".

As one of two instructors of Studio H, Project H's high school design/build program in rural North Carolina, Emily has recently been inspired by the intersection of design and education, and believes the best way to design for social impact is to grow design thinking from within communities, rather than importing talent and dragging-and-dropping solutions. Up for debate during this session will be the issue of "humanitarian design as imperialism," as inspired by Emily's recent head-butting with design pundit Bruce Nussbaum, and how design education (K-12 and college level) must become more commonplace for our collective benefit.

If you are already a member of IDSA, registration has been set up online. Please log into your IDSA account and go to “My IDSA” (found under the log in) and locate this event. If you are not a member of IDSA registration for the webinar can be completed through this link.

We hope to "see" you there!

More information and registration


Mindshare Friday September 17th

Make sure to use this link for discounted tickets!

Mindshare March 18th

CSULB Juniors Works in Progress Show

@ CSULB Design Department week of April 12-16
Launching IDSA accessories sale!

IDSA Western District Conference in Denver, CO

CSULB Seniors Graduation Show

May 28th @ CSULB Design Department